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The pictures below are listed with the most recent first. (There are more pictures available on my photobucket site, too.) Enjoy!

My 23rd Birthday (bday: April 27; party: May 1, 2004)
Pics from the bash for my 23rd birthday. I thought the title was pretty self-explanatory.

Looney Tunes - the sunburn (late April, 2004)
I got badly sunburnt at Looney Tunes Moot this year, and the results were worse than any sunburn I've ever had. Frightening.

Cheese Returns (March 6, 2004)
Cheese was away at Katimavik for 6 months, and this was his kick-ass welcome back party, at Slainte Irish Pub in Hamilton.
Check out pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

REM at the ACC (Sept 30, 2003)
Brian had borrowed my digital camera for a couple weeks, and he returned it to me at the REM concert in Toronto. Now I have pictures!

The 10 Acre Crash (September 12-14, 2003)
What few pics I have from this weekend-long birthday party, where drinking is rampant and fun times are had.

Ellen & Brian's Wedding (August 16, 2003)
A few unexpected pictures from the wedding of our favourite Rover Advisors. Everyone else was taking pictures of the happy couple, or the cake, or whatever... so I took it upon myself to capture a few less-popular images.

Ancient Moot (August 1-4, 2003)
I didn't take many pictures at all at this camp... but it was fun! Really!

Rovers Only Moot (July 11-13, 2003)
A few pics from this small but fun camp.

Attawonderonk 2003 (June 13 - 15, 2003)
Attawonderonk ran again this year, despite previous announcements that 2002 would be the last Atta. But hey, I'm not complaining, it's good times. Here are my pictures, unfortunately added after I'd forgotten bunches of camp... but here they are anyway.

Mystery Moot 2003 (May 9 - 11 / 03)
A whole bunch of pictures from the first ever edition of this super spiffy camp.

My 22nd Birthday (pics taken April 25 / 03)
Some silly shots from my birthday party.

Got my G! (April 15 / 03)
I did my G2 exit test... here's some pics.

ALF (March 24 / 03)
I found this button in my parents' living room. It's in almost perfect condition. Score!

ORC in Niagara Falls (March 8-10, 2003)
Pictures from one of the last ever ORC weekends. This one was in St. David's, a small town just barely north of Niagara Falls, ON.

Snow Moot 2003 (Feb 21-23, 2003)
A few pics from camp in Burlington. Somehow I didn't get any pics with Cheese in them. Wierd.

My new camera (Dec 30/02 - Jan 2/03)
These are some of the first pictures taken with my new digital camera, woohoo!

Cartoons of people... South Park style! (November 2002, like it matters)
Some pics I made using a cool flash thing on Comedy Central's website.

Brian and I (June 30, 2001)
One of my favourite pictures of the two of us. Thanks to Lisa, who took this while we were waiting for the bus in Hamilton one day.

Billy takes Montreal! (March 15-20, 2001)
Pics from a 5-day trip to Montral that Brian and I took over March Break.

Brian and I in Zellers (March 2001, I think)
Wow it's hard to put dates on some of these things... anyways, I'm pretty sure this was the weekend before we went to Montreal. We went to Zellers with Ali, and ended up taking this pic in the kiddie-shoe-trying chair.

Erin's Birthday!! (Feb 19, 2001)
Just a couple pics from a small gathering at a Toronto pub for my best friend's 20th birthday :-)

Brian snowboarding (Dec 23, 2000)
Brian's brothers were in town for Christmas, so the 3 of them decided to go snowboarding and they invited me too. B and I had never been snowboarding before, but his brothers (Ben and Jamie) are pretty good at it and promised to teach us. But, there'd been some adventure the night before... notice this is the day after Christmas Tea Party. Well, B and I left there a bit early to try and get back to his place in Hamilton so we could get picked up at 8am, but uh-oh the buses had stopped running for the night, and we ended up staying at the bus station in Toronto all night, until we could get moving again. He slept a bit, but I couldn't and was awake all night. By the time we got back to Hamilton we had time to get cleaned up and changed, then his brothers arrived. Grr, no sleep!
Anyways, to cap this all up, I suck at snowboarding, and never went beyond the bunny hill. Brian, however, made it down a real hill a couple times, and this was taken after one of those runs.
Wow, that was a long explanation...

Christmas Tea Party (Dec 22, 2000)
A few pics from a Rover dance in its second year running.

Halloween Moot - the final chapter (Oct 2000, duh)
Here's a few of my favourite pics from the final Halloween Moot... after millions of years, they've decided to take a rest. Thanks to the Burford Rovers for putting on such an amazing camp!

Moot Moot (Sept 22-24, 2000)
Pics from this great moot on the Toronto Islands.

Sonic Boom (August 18-20, 2000)
Some pics other people have sent me from Sonic Boom Moot.

England (July 14-29, 2000)
Me, Ali, and Diana went to visit the British Ventures (see further down, they visited us a year before), as well as mummy June. Fun trip! NOTE: This section is not finished, it's got about half the trip, but you're welcome to look at that. The scanner stopped working partway through this project and I haven't gotten back to it yet, although the scanner is okay again.

JamFest - the final edition (May 26-28, 2000)
Just pics from our group, nothing official. But take a look anyway, if you're so inclined.

SmurfDance (April 15, 2000)
A couple of pics from a Pas Philos "barn dance", this time with a Smurf theme.

Ali and I at Supernova (early April, 2000)
A gorgeous pic of my sister and I at the dance for this kick-a$$ camp. Cheese took this pic. (PS, Ali's the one with her tongue sticking out... well, the one where you can see it in profile.)

Horny Mike (early April 2000)
Mike was just being his horny self at the SuperNova dance. He had another on the back, but it's not visible here. Wow he used a lot of gel in that!

SparkDay (April 1, 2000)
Ali, Diana, and me at the end of a day helping out the local Sparks (5-6 year old Girl Guides). Ali made those antennae herself, along with the girls - she worked with one specific group, while Diana and I helped make "aquariums". At the closing campfire we were presented with the candles and their holders. Fun stuff.

Europe Tour (March 2000)
Pics and stories from my second trip to Europe with my high school choir. (Czech Republic and Austria.)

Batman, help! (New Year's eve, 1999-2000)
These 3 guys at the town new year's party decided they wanted to put a bat signal on the searchlight outside, and the people running it said if the guys made the thing to go on the light, they'd attatch it. Well, a pizza box and a set of keys used as scissors later, this is what they had. Congratulations, boys.

Grad Photos (Dec 1999)
See my grad proofs, if you're not too afraid... :-)

The Glamour Fiasco (Dec 1999)
Just a few from my "glamour" session at Zellers. Yes, that's right - Zellers. It's good for a laugh if nothing else.

Genesis (November 1999)
A super fun weekend in Dorchester, despite the camp's anti-social tendancies. Pics of the blob, as well as me and Timmy, the blob king.

Acid-trip Barbie (Oct 29, 1999)
Showing off my halloween comstume at the Masquerade Ball. Never let Ali pose you for a picture. :-)

Mike and Elmo (Oct 1999)
Here's Mike, just relaxing at Halloween Moot 99, with Elmo.

Look Mom, we're in Nipissing... (Oct 1999)
Dawn and I at the Ontario Universities' Fair. The Nipissing University display gave out free polariods of you and a friend in muskoka chairs, with some fake trees in behind. Classy.

The Brits (July 1999)
Our Venturer company was visited for a couple weeks by a group of British Venture Scouts. This picture was taken at the end of a fundraiser dinner they helped us put on in a park in town.

Tigger (June/July 1999)
Ian left his Tigger and his camera unattended at Attawonderonk Moot, and said we could take pictures, heh heh heh. Tigger is shown here, waiting for Ian to rescue him.

A Close Shave (March 1999)
At OYP 99, they auctioned off the chance to shave Ryan's legs, with the money going to charity. The honour went to Erin, as seen here in this marvellous action shot.

Preston Manning (April 1997)
My very own autographed picture of Preston Manning, leader of the Reform Party of Canada. It, along with a letter and card signed by him, was given to me as a joke for my 16th birthday. I'm afraid.

Lisa and Nicole (July 1996)
Lisa, Nicole and I met at Camp Blomidon back in 1996, during a demonstration camp for the Girl Guide World Conference. The two of them are pictured here after a walk/parade in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

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