Genesis Pics    (Nov. 13-15ish, 1999)

Here's some more pics from Genesis Venturee, run by the London area Venturers (or something of the sort... ).
The first ones are of the core members of the social blob, the shape-shifting group of fun people who ran around camp shouting "Blob!" as loud as they could and trying to convince others to be more social. The camp was great, but seemed a little too segregated at first. There are two of this group:

normal blob
the "normal" picture

silly blob!
the silly picture

And yes, that sign behind us is written in duct tape. :-)

Here's me and Tim, upside-down!! Oh yes, and Tyler is looking on. He thinks we're wierd. :-)

i'm so evil
It's hard to look evil when you're laughing... :-)

me and timmy!!
This is me with my new buddy and blob king, Tim.

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hee hee, you think you're smart, sneakin' around, lookin' at my evil plans? ok. ;-)

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