Mystery Moot 2003

May 9 - 11 2003

This weekend we had the good fortune to attend the first ever Mystery Moot, held at Whitby's ever-so-lovely Heber Down Conservation Area. It was a great camp, especially good considering that our hosts, 1st Ashburn, are fairly new to the mooting scene in general. Staff did an amazing job of keeping us safe and entertained and everything, even in the slightly less than ideal weather conditions.

Marshmallows in my pocket. "Stuff some in your pockets for *secret eating*!"

Saturday morning's wonderful daygames. This game worked kind of like a relay race, except that once your turn starts, it doesn't end. The first person runs there and back, then has to carry the second person there and they both run back, and they carry the third person there and they all run back and pick up the fourth person and.... well you get the point. Cheese went first, Brian went second, and so of course I had to take a picture of the hilarity. I was 4th I think.

Cheese tries his hand, or something, at the licorice contest. He had to try and get as much of the piece of licorice in his mouth at once as possible, wthout using his hands, teeth, or lips. No hands, that's possible. But I think it's pretty well impossible to do without using either your lips or your teeth.

And no, that hat is not mine. Cheese had "borrowed" it from someone, and gave it to me to hold on to during this contest.

Brian makes a really funny face during the licorice contest. He actually managed to get the entire (9") piece of licorice in his mouth. Unfortunately it wasn't for long enough to let me get a pic of it. He actually had his lips on the clothespeg, which was rather impressive. I believe Skilly also managed to get the whole thing in his mouth, but I didn't get any pics of that either.

Cheese ripped a marshmallow in half, and stuck one half on my forehead. *shrugs*

Mar and Cheese, with Mar's stuffed ass.

Camp Registrar Tim, looking particularly evil.

The Heber Down sign. The third circle from the left looks like "no centaurs", although we're pretty sure it's supposed to mean "no horses".

The car tour said something like "Stop at the general store for cold refreshing beverages! How old is the store?" So of course we did stop, and actually did get cold refreshing beverages, and found out that the store is 150 years old. Wow! Unfortunately we forgot to show this picture to the staffers running the car rally. Ah well.

Cheese "borrowed" Kevin's Transformers hat, and just had to take a picture of himself wearing it.

Kevin, the owner of that hat. Cheese had borrowed my camera and started taking pictures of things. I think you can even see him in the left lens of those sunglasses!

I believe this is Kevin again, picking up Mar and shaking her. You'll have to ask Cheese, he took the picture.

Jacquie and Michelle, with a few others whose names I don't know. It's another one of Cheese's pictures.

Jenny, Associate, Shorty, and me playing cards.

ABOVE: Ali tweaks Cheese's nipple in an attempt to fill out the cups properly.

BELOW: Cheese sits back and relaxes in Ali's bra.

We won way more than we thought we would!

L-R: Skilly, Ali with out "Best Spirit" prize (a tiny plastic trophy), Brian with our "Best Overall" trophy, Jenny with another of our trophies (either "Best Spirit" or "Smartest Crew"), me with the tent we won for being Best Overall, and Cheese.

The tent is 7' x 7', and claims to hold 3 men. I figure 2 + gear should be okay for summer.

The cars after loading, but before we tried to move them. It had rained for at least an hour on Sunday morning before we were even up and moving, and the ground was turned into one giant puddle, which I stood in while wearing my sandals. : )

Skilly puts the pedal to the metal and gets through the mud. Check out how far up his tires that mud goes.

Thumbs up for mud splatters!

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