Christmas Tea Party
Dec 22, 2000
Well, for the second year in a row, some of the Rovers in Ontario, under the title "1st Ontario Rovers", organized and ran a great dance called, you know it, the Christmas Tea Party. Held in Toronto at a branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, it draws a bunch of folks each time. Fun fun stuff. Here's some pics from the last one.

Here's my sister, Ali, making a bit of a silly face. It's not a bad pic of her tho :-) That's Jenny off to the right.

This is Brian, my boyfriend. The guy who took this was showing him how to use his digital camera, so Brian could take some pics for him. Yet this still ended up in the ones he posted... hm. Not the greatest picture, ah well.

Well, as I said, Brian was asked to take pictures of people at the dance so the guy would have pics of more than just his own friends. This is one of those he took. And no, that foil-y thing is not attatched to my head, it's hanging above the door behind us. Yet again, Brian looks kinda... blinky. :-)

This is a much better picture of Jenny (the girl on the right in the first shot). We've known each other forever, I think she was even in Brownies with me for a year or two. A very cool person.
Oh yes, and int he background there is Jackie, yet another Pas Philos.

This is Tara, Chimo Ranger, ex-Huronian, and fellow member of "the library kru". We actually went to the same Sunday school over 10 years ago. A wonderful person, great to talk to, and lots of fun!

Well, I think that's it for the pics I have.
All of these have been poached from Brian Rooney's site (the guy with the digital camera). Thanks, Rooney. :-)

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