Smurf Dance

In April 2000, the Pas Philos Rovers had yet another "barn dance", this time with a Smurf theme... I'm writing this page 4 years later, so it's hard to be more specific... but I do recall that a good time was had by all. Oh and that I was in charge of the snack bar, as usual.

Ali (aka Sexy Smurf) in her homemade costume. There were times during the night that people had to hug her before they were allowed in the building.

Me (aka Naked Smurf) in my al-blue getup. I really liked the blue hair, kinda wished it was permanent, but it was just bingo dabbers. Check out my hands - not only am I'm wearing blue nail polish, but my palms have turned blue-green from me playing with my hair all night.

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This page created on May 16, 2004.