Billy Takes Montreal

March 15 - 20, 2001

Since I was working at a high school this term as a teacher's helper sort of thing, I was lucky enough to get a March Break, yay! Brian was also working, but in a government job - however, he'd put in so much overtime and hadn't taken a day off in his year working there, so his boss was happy to give him a week's vacation. Apparently they didn't recognize Brian when he got back to work... he was too well rested, lol. Anyways, we took the train from Toronto to Montrel on the 15th, stayed in a youth hostel for a few nights, and caught the train back to Toronto on the 20th. And of course, we had lots of fun in between, seeing the sights and such. Here's some of our pics - some are mine, some are his, whatever. Unfortunately, I'm writing this over a year later, so most of my sense of order is gone... at least I remember where these things were.

This is a snowman we built near the hostel, on the steps of a bank. We built him on the spur of the moment on the way back to the hostel. Unfortunately, he'd been kicked over by morning, as we saw when we hopped on the metro.

Some cool bonsai at the Bio-Dme... Brian was really into the bonsai. ^_^

A cute little blue frog, also in the Bio-Dme, and another one of Brian's pics.

Surprise, it's Brian, on the way up the tower at the stadium beside the Bio-Dme. There was this little car/elevator thing you had to take up there, and it went inside the tower, then outside, then back inside.

The view from the top... yeah the sky looks gross, gimme a break it was March in Canada, and probably snowing at least a bit... sheesh.

OK, so this picture's sideways... I like it better this way for some reason. Anyways, this was taken on the way back down the tower, just before the elevator thing went outside for those few seconds. It looked really cool. This is also what Brian had been trying to take a picture of in the above shot (2 up from this one).

This is that tower I was telling you about..... from outside the front entrance. I'm putting it after because I *took* it after. So there. : P

A great sign for a strip club downtown.... we didn't go in, but I hear by the time you reach the table you've already spent at least $50. Anyways. Look at the bottom right - that's the door. The sign is huge, the door is teeny tiny, and the other stuff out front there isn't part of the club.

Brian took this pic of me on the train on the way back to Toronto... I was sleepy... we'd had to get up at 7 or something, ugh. Anything before 10am is uncivilized, ugh. And I have trouble sleeping in moving vehicles.

We had film to use up............... :-) This is in my place in Mississauga.

That's it, I guess..... there are a few more film-user-uppers, just ask me if you want to see those. *shrugs*


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