Moot Moot 2000

The Toronto Islands

September 22-24 (I think... or maybe it was Sept 29-Oct 1?)

We made Cheese this wierd looking thing out of super shiny duct tape. It was fun. This is what it looked like AFTER the dance, when it'd been pretty much destroyed. It started out as a cool looking...something... but by the time this was taken it looked like a bad bra.

There were 5 from our crew at Moot Moot this year: (L-R) Matt, Cheese, Julie, and Ali. (Oh yeah, and me, I'm taking the picture. :-))
Julie is an Australian Rover who hooked up with both Ali and Diana through email while on a working holiday in Canada. We invited her to come camping with us, and the first time any of us met her was when she picked Ali up on the Friday night to take her to camp!!
Here we're just ready to leave - notice everyone else is gone... guess we were slow packing up. Oops!

That's it for this camp, sorry so short but that's the way it goes.

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