ORC Niagara Falls 2003

The following are my pictures from the weekend. I also have some of Ali's pics.

The Falls at Night

I fully acknowledge that this picture sucks. But we tried to get pics of the falls at night. Really. They were all lit up, too, but apparently not enough for my camera to see. Ah well.

Dutch oven lessons

This lovely gentleman came up to visit us from NY State to teach us a bit about cooking with a Dutch oven. It was a very interesting lesson, and everyone there seemed really into it. I have a feeling we'll be breaking out a Dutch oven at Mystery Moot this year.

Magical fruit

Scraping the beans into the dutch oven for cooking! Mmm! We added a bit of brown sugar, and between that and the hot dogs, the beans tasted great.


Cutting up the hot dogs to go in the beans.


Our dessert. The main part: pie filling. There's 2 cans of cherry, one of peach, and one of fruit cocktail in there. There's some cake-making stuff in there too, yummy!


The church we stayed at was right beside a little graveyard. We were joking that swearing in the vicinity would make zombies rise and kill us. When this pic was taken, somebody'd just sworn, and Brian and I had been pretending to be zombies. (We stopped, but Ali made us do it again, arrrr.)

Icy lamppost etc

I took this pic because of the cool way the ice looked on that lamppost, and on the stairs. Unfortunately it's not as visible in the picture. Ah well. This was by the falls, outside that building with the fudge shop in it.


Brian thought this huge chunk of ice was immensely cool, said it looked like an iceberg. It was pretty nifty, so here it is in my album.

Proof that it's not a sudden jump to coldness!

I think this is the bridge to the US. It's in about the right spot. Yes I know I should probably know for sure one way or the other. *shrugs* Either way, you can see that the ice is on both sides of the border. That's right. The border's not a magic weather guard. Betcha didn't see that one coming.

Jump! Jump! Jump! (jk)

Ali trying to look like the sign.

Up close

This is the sign she was imitating.

This is a car that's parked outside Planet Hollywood. It's got to be from a movie, but I never watch the cars in movies, so I have no idea what it's from. Brian took this pic.

Days of Thunder?

This car was also outside Planet Hollywood. I'm pretty sure it's from Days of Thunder, but don't take my word for it. It's another of B's pics.

Great big kiss

We didn't actually go to Planet Hollywood - we passed it on the way to the Hershey store, where we found this charming fellow. He must have eaten too many free samples or something - he didn't move at all, or even talk to us. Hmph. Brian and Ali did pose with him though.

Closeup on Inniskillin

On Sunday a few of us went for a mini-tour of the Inniskilin winery. We went upstairs and found some cool stained glass stuff, as well as more info on their winemaking.

Farther off window

Here's that same window from a bit farther off.

That's it for my pics. Ali's got some pics from that weekend too, and some of them are here.

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