G2 exit test

A quick explanation

For those of you not familiar with Ontario's graduated licencing, here's roughly how it works.

Once you're 16, you can write a 10 question, multiple choice test (really easy) and if you pass it you get your G1, which is basically a learner's permit. The G1 allows you to drive a car, but only in the daytime, never on major highways, and only with a fully licenced (and sober) driver in the passenger seat. You have to wait at least a year (or if you've done driving school, at least 8 months) before you can go to the next stage, which is the G2.

To get your G2, you have to do a road test to show that you're competent enough to drive on your own. The G2 is almost the same as a full licence, except that the number of people in the car cannot exceed the number of seatbelts, and you're not allowed to have any alcohol in your system. No big deal, those are things I go by anyway. But it's still not the full licence, and if 5 years pass between the time you get your G1 and the time you pass the final test, your licence is null and void and you have to start from scratch.

Once you're ready, you do one more road test to show you're ready for the full licence, which is called the G. Once you've got your G you're allowed a minimal blood alcohol level, enough that if you have a glass of wine with your dinner you're still legally allowed to drive home. I don't drink at all if I'm going to be driving, so it's no real difference to me. Although I suppose the G licence does allow for those times when the LCBO is offering free samples of amaretto or whatever.

Why am I telling you this?

Because today, I did my G2 exit test. The tester pointed out a few things I did wrong, and I was so worried... but then he said "now take this paper into the office and they'll give you your licence, congratulations". Woohoo! I passed!

I thought I'd commemmorate the occasion by taking silly pictures, so here they are. The photo licence should come in the mail in about 2 weeks. The paper shown here is my temporary licence, that I can use in the meantime along with my old photo ID.

Yes, that is my licence, how did you guess?

Is that *my* name on there? Yes, yes it is.

It also doubles as a lovely hat!

That's it, that's all... I am now officially one of those drivers who can drive for years and just get worse and worse but it doesn't matter because I never have to get tested again... but I'll stay good, really I will...

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This page added on April 15, 2003.