People... South Park style!

There's this great page on that lets you make your own South Park characters using a flash thing. There are so many options you can make characters that look like pretty much anyone. Here are a few I made.

some girl
This is my first character. I just started adding stuff and went with what I liked. It's not modelled on anyone, although it does bear a slight resemblance to a couple people I know (except for the wings).

me in a happy mood
This is supposed to be me. Note the super-cool Towelie shirt. Oh yeah.

me in a fairly normal mood
I made this one before the happy one from above, but I like it better. It's more true to life, and all I had to change were the eyes and the mouth. What can I say, people bother me sometimes, and I'm not really one to walk aruond smiling for no reason.

Ali tried it, and couldn't make anything that looked like her. I considered it a challenge. And I met that challenge.

Now wasn't that fun?

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This page created on November 18, 2002.