England 2000

Pas Philos Rovers (Scouts Canada)

July 14 - 29, 2000

The Beginning...
   When we started our Venturer company back in 1997, we needed a second leader to support the one we already had - hopefully one who knew something about the Scouting movement (we all had histories in Girl Guides, but the organizations are different in many ways).
   At the end of the summer, unbeknownst to us, a British accountant and his family had been moved to Canada for a temporary, 2-year transfer. His wife, June, had been in Scouting in England for years, and wanted to be a leader here in Canada as well.
   Well, you can probably guess what happened - someone hooked us up, and June was soon one of us, heeheehee. "Mummy June", as she is affectionately called, taught us a lot about Scouting, not to mention life. Luv you Mummy June!! :-)

Last Year...
   Sadly, last July, it came time for June and family to go back home to England. But before they left, we were honoured to be visited, for two weeks, by 7 of the British Venture Scouts, plus two advisors (Harry aka "H", and Helen). This is them (well, plus a few Canadians):

L-R, back row: Diana (can), Neil, Martin, Johnny P, Paul, Wynnie, Phil, the floating head is Ian (can), Harry.
L-R, front row: Jenny, Jenny (can), June, Helen, me (horrible pic, ew ew ew).

The Latest Installment...
   This July, 3 of us - Ali, Diana, and I - went over to *their* side of the pond for a visit. We started off in Bury, near Manchester, then spent a few days in London. Back to Bury for a couple nights, then off to Batley (Yorkshire) to visit with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. Back to Bury again, with a visit to the Lake District, then home for a rest.

   There are some stories to go along with these pics, but, as with the Europe album, I'll try to just fill you in on those as the pics go along - that way you're not just stuck here reading text, k? Sounds like a plan.

   So, let's get going. Start from the beginning, or flip around. Whatever you like...

Intro >> Bury #1 >> London (day 1) >> London (day 2) >> Stratford-Upon-Avon >> Bury #2 >>
Wales (w/toboggans) >> Batley >> Bury #3 >> the Lake District >> Final Notes

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