Grad Proofs

The proofs for my graduation photos just came in the mail. Such a rip-of for the prints, though... oh well. Here they are. (Just ignore the little "property of jostens" thingy... )

This one's not so bad, but the fake smile thing's just gotta go.

This one's just kinda dumb.That diploma is just not
being held naturally, and that's a nasty sneer. ick.

Ditto to the first one; same fake smile, but in a different direction and with a wierd tilt to the head.

This is very similar to the second one on this page, but I look like I'm gonna beat the photographer with that diploma. "Hey, you wanna make somethin' of it? eh? Eh?" heeheehee...

This is the one picture in the bunch that looks really out of place. They said, "ok, do you have anything you can pose with?", and I'd had band practice that morning so I happened to have my flute with me. ick, should'a polished it first... but now I have a bigger object to beat the photographer with. Not a good idea when someone's got a fake smile like that. :-)

Again, not too bad, but the sneer is just horrible. "Yeah, lady, you think you're REAL funny..."

Ph:"Look! A puppy dog!"
me:"Ooh, ooh, where?!?"
Both:"There it is!"
(my personal favourite... it's nice'n'stupid.)

Finally, a half decent one. I was actually laughing at the ridiculousness of the whole situation... but it worked. This is the one we've ordered copies of... ones WITHOUT the little message written on the side.

Well, there you have it - the whirlwind tour of my grad photos. Now wasn't that exciting?

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This page added January 18, 2000