Snow Moot 2003

Snow Moot 2003 has come and gone, and I managed to get a few pictures while it was here.
Well, not *here*, it was in Burlington. You know what I mean.

Sunset through the trees

I noticed this as we were setting up the tents, and I had to stop and get a picture. The sunset looked really cool this way, and I think the pic turned out pretty well. Not the same as being there, but it still looks cool.

Ali setting up the tent

This is what I saw when I turned back towards the tent. Ali just looked really funny, and my camera was already in my hands... *shrugs*

Ali stuck in her sleeping bag

Ali bought this sleeping bag on eBay - it only arrived the day before camp. It's American Army surplus, and winter-weight, and it only cost her $60 CAN. Sweet. She flopped down on it once we all finally had our beds set up, and when she didn't get up right away I did up one of the snaps behind her back. Bwahahaha!

Tackle Musical Chairs

This is the every-popular "Full Contact Musical Chairs", a Snow Moot tradition. This guy held on for dear life as two girls picked him up and tried to shake him off the chair. The girls were playing dirty though - fights are supposed to be two people only. Unfortunately the guy running the event didn't seem to care that it was completely unfair to everyone else (who were doing 1-on-1 fights). Ah well. I wasn't playing, what do I care, right?

We went to Tim Horton's on Sunday for breakfast (even though it was about 1pm). This is Ali, post-camp.....

Snow Moot: the aftermath (part 1)

.......and this is Jeremy, also post-camp.

Snow Moot: the aftermath (part 2)

That's the end of my pictures, now move along, nothing more to see here.... ; )

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