My New Camera

I got me a new camera in the boxing sales, a Fuji Finepix A101. I'd been casually looking, but wasn't expecting to buy one for a while. This was on for a pretty good sale though, so tada, it's mine now. Here are some of the first pics I took with it.

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This is my first pic ever on the camera. It's College Street, Toronto. And no, the camera didn't blur out that guy's licence plate, I did that on my 'puter on purpose.

This is my Dad in the fish & chip shop where we stopped for dinner. Not a bad picture of him.

Here's my sister Ali, always the clown, in that same fish & chip shop.

Here's me, also in that fish & chip shop... and also sticking my tongue out... hmm. Maybe I should have used macro mode, it's a bit blurry...

This is outside the fish & chip shop. I was waiting for Dad and Ali to come out, so why not snap a picture of the street?

Here's my Mom, I took this to show off the camera to her of course.

This is my big fat cat, Zazu. Yes, he's named after the bird in the Lion King. He's a big friendly bundle of fur - you could tie him in knots and he wouldn't care. (I might though - don't do that to my cat!)

This is my other, older (by one year) kitty, Teffy (short for Tefnut). She's funny and loves attention, but she doesn't like it when people touch her.

Here's an extreme close-up of the stuffed Curious George that Brian gave me for Christmas '01. I lug this little guy around everywhere. You should see the wierd looks it gets on the bus.

And here's Brian himself, in an almost good picture - if it didn't look like he was in pain, lol. Ah well, somehow it's all still cute to me.

This is me playing with Matt's 4-month-old kitty, Samwise. Samwise is all black, very playful, and kind of skittish. He couldn't resist pouncing on the coins I was spinning on Matt's kitchen floor the morning after our new year's party.

Brian took this one New Year's Day sometime. He'd collapsed on the couch and was playing with my camera. Makes that monkey on my shirt look like it's saying "word to your mother".

Yes, that is my eye.
Yes, the flash did hurt.
Yes, I was very bored.

That's it, oh I know you're saying "that can't POSSIBLY be it, Gilly!" but yes, yes it is. Until later anyways.

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