a group shot in the church

This is another of the many, many group shots. This time we're in our ever-so-ugly choir uniforms. Nice church, nice sound reverb.
Thanks Sloan.

That's one, two, three, four things perfect... damn! The hot guy is at a different table! Oh well, 4 out of 5...

We walked around a corner in Salzburg and straight into exactly what we'd been (sub?)consciously looking for all along - a European cafe, complete with patio and mulitudes of dessert. We ran up to the balcony, where the guy on the right let us steal the other 2 chairs from his table, then proceeded to look at us as if we were on crack. Maybe it's because we were all dressed the same... maybe it's because we were a little louder than the other customers... maybe it's because we crowded 6 of us at a table for 3. Or a combination of these.
CW from top left: Lindsay, Karrie, me, Carrie, and Mike. (And no, we're not as angry as we look, the sun was incredibly bright that day.)

the terrible trio

Karri, Lindsay, and I goofing around on the steps of a monument in Salzburg. This picture comes complete with an image of Fanta (that bottle of orange liquid by K's foot). ahh, Fanta, where are you now...?
Thanks to Lindsay for this one.

why are we behind the statue?

We took this pic at the same statue as above... only it's at the back of the statue. Whatever. While we were standing like this anyway, we started to sing, and sang through some songs (Ride the Chariot, Ubi Caritas, Rise Up My Love, etc) right there, gathering a small crowd. Those are my favourite types of shows - the impromptu ones where we're all really into it.
Then we had to walk back to the bus, and on the way we sang Ride The Chariot about 4 times... it was one of those times when we were just acting like a bunch of wierd people, and didn't care who didn't like it. heeheehee... it sounded the best in the underground passage (we crossed a major intersection this way)!!
Thanks to Sloan for this one.

On the banks

On our last afternoon in Salzburg, a few of us decided to visit the riverbanks. That's Anne, me, and Lindsay on the rock there; I think Carrie took the picture. Carrie and Lindsay decided to go wading, too - and recieved many a strange look from the locals... but oh well. I'm just glad they didn't hurt themselves from being barefoot.

quack quack quack

Karri being a Pringles duck, on the banks of the river one afternoon in Salzburg. We'd bought food at a little store in the square, and walked to the river for a picnic. Pringles always seemed to be the staple of our picnics. hmm...
Thanks to Lindsay for this one.

horsie, horsie, on your way...

Most of our time in Salzburg was spent either shopping, eating, or oohing and ahhing over the horses. We really wanted to get a ride in one of these carriages (or one of the open ones), but it was the end of the trip and we were broke... dang.
Thanks to Lindsay for this one.

giant chess!

This is a giant chess game that was going on in one of the open spaces (go to the statue/church, and head the opposite direction from the cafe, and you're there). It was really neat to watch.
Thanks for this one, Sloan.

a cool tree

This is just a really cool, freaky looking tree. I *think* it's at the top of this really big hill in Salzburg, where there's this castle thing. We walked 15 minutes up a steep hill to get to the place, and found it was an electronically guided tour. Too bad the tour things were full of Really Boring Information. The only room I listened to all the way through was the first one, and it took 10 minutes. blah, blah, blah... :-P
Thanks to Sloan for this one.

the sunglass rack

Right beside the chess game were a bunch of stands, hocking t-shirts and stuff. This one, the closest one to the game, has shirts, sunglasses, and anything you could think of that would be at any self-respecing tourist stand. Curtis is shown here, trying on some sunglasses and trying to cool off with his pants rolled up.
Yet another instance of Sloan catching people at strange moments... (and that's his choir sweater around his waist, not some wierd skirt as it appears) Thanks Sloan.

whoop-dee-doo, it's the sound of music...

The first thing we did when we arrived in Salzburg was... guess what... visit the freakin' Sound of Music estate. Most of the choir was going "ooh, it's the gazebo, let's take pictures" (make me puke), meanwhile us cynical beeatches were rolling our eyes at them as much as possible.
And if that wasn't bad enough, it got Miller singing songs from the movie... not just for the rest of the day, but for the next 3. You know I luv ya, Mil, but that's just gotta go babes. ;-)
Thanks to Sloan for this pic.

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