Wenceslaus Square

Wenceslaus (sp?) Square, Prague. I think I took this from the end farthest away from the famous statue of Prince Wenceslaus on his horse. It's probably much, much busier in the summer, but hey, this is March, what did you expect? There are tons of ways to spend money on this street, from restaurants and street vendors, crystal shops and guys hocking marionettes, newspapers and porn magazines. This city is very sex-centralized, it shocked even me (you'd understand that statement if you've ever met my family). But this is where we spent our first chunk of free time.

the clock

This is a close-up of what's probably the most famous of the sights of Prague - the astronomical clock. It's really cool. These guys are above the face, and the figures you can see through the little windows are statues on wheels, so that a little parade of religious figures passes on each side. Very nifty.
Thanks to Sloan, the man with the camera attatched to his face, for this shot (and many others). :-)

8 floors of RAMP?!?

This one, I believe, is the inside of that clocktower you see above. (I'll try to find a good pic of the whole thing, so you might actually recognize it better...) We were told it was 8 flights of stairs to climb, but it was really 8 floors of ramp. And there was an elevator. Not quite the challenge I'd been hoping for. But it was a really great view from the top! The girl in the yellow (on the left) is Steph.
Thanks to Sloan for another one.

Ahhh, freedom at last!!

Just Anne, Karrie, and Carrie enjoying the freedom and letting it all soak in - hey guys, we're actually on a Different Continent than usual! Yeah!!! I think Carrie was singing for some reason, LOL. It wasn't long after this that we witnessed a guy peeing on another guy's car in the parking lot directly in front of us. We laughed even harder because he was in clear view of the road, and didn't seem to care.

The turquoise monster

The Hotel Luna - we actually stayed here. Of course this pic, the one on their business card and all their advertising, was taken in summer. It was considerably less sunny during our time there - and it even snowed the morning we left! We were on the 10th floor, but I think there are 13 in this monster.

J-Walk Central

A bridge allowing passage from old town to new town (or vice versa), taken from the old town end. That door in the pillar on the left - it leads to an amazing pizzeria. The intersection most prominent is the place where we did the most j-walking, although it was only Geron and Meghan that got caught, hahaha... G:"What's the fine?" Police:"How much do you have?" They learned their lesson, even if none of the rest of us did.
Thanks to Lindsay for this one.

The church of St. Disney

This is as much of Prague's gorgeous, gothic, St. Vitus Cathedral as I could fit in the camera lens at one time. It's a little (ok, a lot) dirty looking, but hey, it's been around hundreds of years, and there's a lot of not too wonderful stuff in the air. They're working on cleaning it up. I was kinda disappointed once we got inside, but not because of the building itself. It's because the place was literally packed with tourists. We had to squeeze past people just to keep up with Sloan. It felt too much like Disneyland, and not like much of a church at all anymore. And there was too much noise when we tried to sing one of our sacred songs - we couldn't even hear ourselves sing. Kind of a shame that the place has come to that - and it wasn't even high season, imagine that!

Koncert does 15,00...

This was displayed outside the church in Prague where we had our first official concert. It was a small church, but apparently they have a lot of concerts, to own this sign. One question: why is it the Czech part says the concert's at 15:00 (aka 3pm), as does the English part, while the middle part in German says it's at 18:00 (6pm)? What's that about? Someone must've forgotten to change all the numbers...
Thanks to Lindsay for this one.

our first concert, awww, ain't it cute...

This is our choir, in uniform, just after (or was it before? who cares) our first performance. It's at the place that posted the "Koncert does 15,00" sign as seen above.
Thanks to Sloan for this one.

The Lennon Wall

This is the Lennon wall in old Prague. I'm not sure if Lydia's contributing or just getting close enough to read it.
The writings range from "Make Love not War", to "I was here" to "sex is cool"... quite a difference. And with so many colours, moods, and languages, it's quite an amazing site to see.
Thanks to Linda for this one - your panorama shots rock.

Da Boat

On what I believe was our last day in town, a group of us decided to take a boat tour. We payed the 200 koruna each for our tickets, and got on board even though the tour wasn't starting yet. Unfortunately, it was kind of a rainy and cold day... but oh well, we had a blast. This pic was taken as we sat at the dock.
L-R: Jenn, Karri, Jon, Anne, Geron, Mike, Carrie, me.
Thanks to Lindsay for this one.

Ha Ha!

I know they have car boots here, but I can't remember ever seeing one in use. Yet we saw so many of them on this trip...
Alright children, it's time to point and laugh at the misfortunes and stupidity of others! Take lots of pictures! :-)
Thanks to Lindsay for this one.

Wenceslaus riding a dead horse

Well, I'm sorry to say I can't really remember the story behind this one, not totally. Something to do with politics or a civil uprising or something. I'll have to look that up. But it was made as a political statement, anyways, and shows Wenceslaus (yes, the famous one) riding the same horse seen in the famous statue... only as you can see, the horse is, well, dead.
Thanks to Sloan for this one, he found this statue when I couldn't.

somewhere in prague...

I'm not sure where this is, but I'm pretty sure it's in Prague. Note the people to the left of us on the stairs, the ones in all black - that's part of another tour group. I think this is Prague... oh well, I like the pic anyway. :-)
Thanks again, Sloan.

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