London - day 1

Diana and Mr. T!

The first thing we did after arriving in London (and checking in at the hostel, and having nice cold showers because of the horrible heat) was visit Madame Tussaud's wax museum, aah air conditioning. It was pretty neat - and we found Mr. T in the gift shop. (Not for sale, of course :-)) It needed a pose, and Diana was there.

We found it! We found it!

Diana and I had history together this year, and Mr. MacPherson told us way back in September about this pub in London called "Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese" - the place Samuel Johnson (who wrote the first dictionary) drank All The Time. We went there for dinner our first night in London - it's right down the street from St. Paul's Cathedral, if you're curious.

The office court

This is the other sign that was by the door of the Cheshire Cheese. If you're curious what it says, click here to read, in a new window, a plain text version. It just lists a whole bunch of famous people who drank there. And if I've gotten a few letters wrong, bah. It's close. If you know the difference, you'll know who it means anyway so who cares. :-)

da street

We decided to keep walking away from the cathedral, to see what we could find. No rush anymore, everything was closed. Turned around and took this, tho, before we went too far. Off in the distance there, at the end of the street, is St. Paul's, and that lantern shaped sign thing on the left is the sign for the pub. The brown sign on the post (by the red car) is pointing to Dr. Johnson's house. We did go there, but I don't have any decent pics from there. But Ali's got a good one of me and Diana with a statue of Hodge (his cat).


Found this place beside St. Paul's Cathedral. (YES we did go into the cathedral, it was just closed until the morning after this... those pics in a sec) It was too good to not take a picture of.

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