The Pas Philos

Well, an interesting picture this one is. Amanda took this one of the three of us (Diana, me, Ali) on a log at the campsite at Beddgelert. Gorgeous place. Too bad we all look kinda strange in this pic. For example, the shadow from Diana's hair makes it looks like I have chest hair. It could have been a nice picture, tho.


Here's Ali and I upside-down on that very same log.

the tents

I took this from right beside that log. Those are our tents (I was in the orange one on the right, not that it matters). The long grassy stuff at the bottom right is at the edge of the pond. And the road is somewhere between here and the mountains. Wow, do campsites get any better than this?

showers and rv

This is also taken from beside the log, possibly right after that last one. Our tents are just out of sight on the right. That RV is the guy who registers all the campers, and that person is probably returning after having a shower in the place on the hill to the left (not in the pic).

Conwy Castle

This is the amazing Conwy Castle. We went here on Saturday, and roamed the place for quite some time. This is taken from one of the highest towers there. Another great place to lose yourself. (Well, if the the other tourists weren't there.)

The road to Conwy

Also taken from the high tower at Conwy Castle, this is the road leading into the town. On the right are the train tracks and tunnel.

More castle

Yet another view of the inside of the castle, just from lower down.

us in the wall

Here's a bunch of us in a hole in the wall at Conwy Castle.
L-R: Phil, Wynnie, Hayley, Amanda, Neil, me. Laura's at the front.

the wall

This is the wall outside the castle, it goes all the way around the old part of town. We were intending to walk it, but we got to the top of the stairs and found a locked gate. We could've jumped it, I suppose, but didn't feel like getting yelled at that day. So I took this pic over the top of the gate.

a lland cliff

After Conwy, we went to Llandudno (don't ever ask me to pronounce that unless you're Welsh and looking for a laugh). As far as I know, this is just a cool looking cliff.


Once in Llandudno, we climbed this HUGE hill to get to the toboggan run. And what do we see when we get there? A topless guy going up the toboggan lift. And it sure looks like he's naked. That guy on the left is going up so he can ski down the hill.

Me - me on the slide

diana on the slide - Diana

Neil - neil on the slide

phil on the slide - Phil

Ali - ali on the slide

Here again is the toboggan run, very near the bottom. What a fun ride!! Your ticket gets your two trips around, on a plastic toboggan and a metal track. The controls are simple - stick forward means go, and if you pull the stick towards you it slows down. Fun, fun stuff. :-)

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