The first few days in Bury

in the pub already!!

Here's (L-R) Johnny, Wynnie, Ali, and Neil, just hanging out in the pub around the corner from June's house. This was Saturday night... and we'd barely slept since getting up Friday morning. In Canada. Sleeeeeepy...

what do you do with a drinking rover...?

More people in that same pub on that first night in Bury. (L-R) Phil, Johnny, Wynnie, Diana, and Ali. Dang, there are a lot of glasses on that table... and there were only, what, 8 of us there? And the woman kept clearing the glasses away, too.

a friendly church

This is St. Mary's church (well, the name's longer, but you get the idea) in Bury. The three of us wandered in there one afternoon, after finding nobody home at the Scout House (which is right behind it). They'd been having an open house, and were just putting things back together. "Wow, we were hoping to get visitors, but we didn't think anyone would come all the way from Canada!" heehee... Signed the guestbook, they invited us to Evensong (too bad we already had plans), and we were shown around the church and introduced to *everyone* in the building. Very nice people, it was pretty neat to make a connection like that.

the owd betts... and June!!

June took the three of us on a drive around Bury and area, and we ended up stopping here, a pub called Owd Betts. It's really really old (300 years or something), the ceilings are so low!! heehee, June kept stepping back, so she wouldn't be in the way of the picture. She didn't realise I kept moving the camera over to get her in too. :-) The cars were lined up down the street!

just us at owd betts

June took this pic of the three of us outside Owd Betts - that's Diana on the left, Ali on the right, and me in front making a stupid face. And the sign in the middle is the pub sign, of course.

my horses!!

Just a pic of the scenic countryside... probably the stuff across the road from the pub or something. [ps - My horses!! ; )]

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