Ali's pics from ORC Niagara 2003

The coolie wench at work

As the youngest in attendance, Dave was the Coolie Wench for the weekend, at least in title. He did end up collecting all our dishes after the dutch oven demo, though.


Crash and her mom were hard at work crocheting bunnies and blankets for shelters, nursing homes, etc. They ended up teaching a bunch of people how to crochet, and getting them to pitch in. These are just a few of the bunnies that were created that weekend.


This is part of what you can see from the lookout by the Spanish Aerocar, when you look down on the water (and the whirlpool) below.


The Aerocar above the whirlpool.

Icy railing

One of the many railings keeping tourists from falling in the water. They looked really cool covered in ice (the rails, that is - not the tourists).

Horseshoe Falls

A not bad pic of part of the Horseshoe Falls. Yes, the Canadian falls are cooler than the American falls. :-)

Me being a dumbass

Me pointing at absolutely nothing, because I'd just done it as a joke and Ali thought it looked cool. Go figure.

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