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Erin and I have known each other since we were 9, and we've always been great friends. Her site hasn't been updated in... sheesh... way too long. But it's proudly canadian, right down to the "mandatory hockey page".

 Ali's site
Ali is my sister, what more can I say. Her site is the place Rovers from all over Ontario go to find out what's going on in the world of scouting. Her article, "Event Planning For Dummies", has been pubished in several Scouting magazines around the world. The site has gained her recognition in more places than she's even been, and that's saying a lot for a girl who loves to travel. Oh yes, she's also a Pas Philos.

Brian is a really good friend, and a very important person to me. People sometimes think he's an ass, and yeah I see where they get that I guess, but I know the guy inside. The ass-ness is just a shell that he puts on sometimes. He's also one of the most open-minded people I've ever met.

Cheese (aka Tom)
Cheese.... What can I say about Cheese? He is a great guy, and a friend from Scouting. We acutally first met for the first time at Supernova 2000, but we talked on email and ICQ, way back after Jamfest 99! Since then we have become pretty good friends. He is a great guy and always there for you when you need it... and even when you don't. He is a giant teddy bear! He even has a Cheesey Website.
** note: Cheese wrote this himself, but it's good and accurate!! :-) ** (take a look at some of the wierd stuff he's sent me)

Lisa and I met way back at Camp Blomidon in 1996, at a demonstration camp for the Girl Guides' World Conference. The pic linked to above is of her and her friend Justin.

Diana and I had some classes together in high school, and it's wierd not seeing her every day anymore. She's a great person, and also happens to be yet another active member (and webgirl) of the Pas Philos Rover Crew.

 Jacqueline (aka Jackie)
Jackie's a fun person, into frogs, sparkles, music, and a whole lot more. She is an active (semi-satellite) member of the Pas Philos Rovers, attending university waaaay up north.

Mike is an interesting person... it's hard to elaborate on that too well. He's a good friend, always there with a hug or some advice, and he's a lot of fun to be around, too bad we only really see each other at camp.

Ian and I are camping buddies, a friendship sparked because he reminded me of someone else. He's an engineering student, as you'll see from all the crazy purple stuff on his frosh page. He loves Great Big Sea, Tigger, and is very... energetic!

 Jess (Tripstar)'s site
Jess and I met in grade 9 french class, and don't really talk anymore aside from the occassional email. But I still think she's pretty cool. :-) She's into music, movies, snowboarding, and assorted weird stuff.


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